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380 Caliber Pistols

Complete Range of Best 380 Caliber Pistols/Guns

9mm short cartridges are most commonly found in tiny variants with automated blowback. Created by Browning in 1908, for the CCP and designated .380 ACP, this cartridge became one of the most popular handgun cartridges in Europe. 380 Caliber pistol became popular in the early half of the 20th century, and is currently seeing a resurgence.

Browning’s design, the business FN – 1910’s convenient and safe to use model, contributed to its widespread use. The primary ammunition designation in Europe was 9mm Short. It initially appeared on the arms market with the FN Browning type 1910 handgun. The police employed a lot of weapons chambered for this cartridge.

Even in the United States, where .38 Special revolvers dominated the market, but the self-loading Colt Pocket became very popular not just in the police but also in the army and among commanders. Moreover, during the 1st and 2nd World Wars, opposing governments’ militaries extensively used pistols chambered for 9mm Short (380 Cartridge). They used it as a limited standard weapon due to a shortage of the main one.

Let’s look at some of the best features, advantages, and uses of 380 caliber gun. Also, we will discuss where you can buy the best 380 caliber pistols!

What are the Features of the .380 Caliber Gun?

Compared to the .45 ACP (11.43×23 mm) and 9×19 Parabellum cartridges, the 9×17 (.380) cartridge is almost a child’s toy. Although the bullet can prove lethal on uncovered body parts, it does not have enough impact to kill someone who is well armored (i.e., wearing a bulletproof).

Despite the poor deadly force of the bullet and the other flaws noted above, this cartridge is one of the most successful handgun cartridges. The low starting velocity of the bullet, paired with the low recoil force, has a good influence on battle consistency and shooting accuracy. Also, it reduces the possibility of a rebound.

Furthermore, the cartridge’s properties allow for the manufacture of light and compact weaponry, and the bullet’s subsonic speed allows for the employment of simple silencers.

What are the Advantages of using the .380 caliber pistol?

Despite having many drawbacks, the .380 caliber gun has certain advantages which can easily outperform its competitors. Some of them are:

  1. It is compact and lightweight, which is why it best suits for civilian use!
  2. The 380 caliber gun is a perfect cartridge for a newbie shooter, as the recoil is highly manageable.
  3. The 380 caliber gun, being lightweight, has a very sub-standard pressure, lower penetration depth, and lower energy. However, these figures are not enough for extreme situations, but they can prove helpful in self-defense!
  4. Due to its lower energy and pressure figures, the 380 caliber pistol is somewhat less effective. However, this helps lower the cartridges’ costs, which increases the scope of civilian use!

Who Generally uses the 380 Caliber Guns?

Since its introduction in the United States and Europe in 1908, the.380 ACP has seen extensive use (1912). Before World War II, it was accepted as the standard pistol cartridge by at least five European armies: Czechoslovakia, Hungary, and Italy, all of which utilized indigenous designs, as well as The Netherlands and Yugoslavia, all of which used the FN Model 1922.

The best 380 caliber pistol is popular on the civilian market as a personal defense round due to the generally small and easily concealable size of the weapons chambered in it (very few “mini pistols” are made in calibers larger than .380 ACP, and those few that are recent developments). It finds some use as a backup gun due to the generally small and easily concealable size of the weapons chambered in it. The best 380 caliber pistol is a good choice for concealed carry pistols for self-defense.

Where can you find the Best 380 Caliber Pistols?

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