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45 Auto Caliber

Complete Range of 45 Auto Caliber Pistols

The .45 Auto Caliber Pistol cartridge was developed as a consequence of battle experience obtained by the American army during the Philippine-American War between the United States of America and the First Philippine Republic, which lasted from 1899 to 1902. Revolvers and handguns of 38 caliber could not stop a determined foe who possessed edged weapons and used local drugs while attacking from a distance of several meters.

Even after six accurate hits to the chest, Moro warriors were frequently able to kill or gravely hurt many Americans. However, the old 45 caliber pistols proved to be far more effective in such situations, successfully stopping the enemy from the very first shot.

Let’s look at some of the best features, advantages, and uses of 45 caliber pistol. Also, we will discuss from where you can buy 45 caliber pistols!

What are the Features of the .45 Caliber Pistols?

The cartridge case capacity for the .45 Caliber pistol is 1.62 milliliters (25 grains H2O).

The common rifling twist rate for this cartridge is 406mm (16.0 in), 6 grooves, lands = 11.23 mm (0.442 in), grooves = 11.43 mm (0.45 in), and a bearing width = 3.73 mm (.147 in). It generally uses a large pistol primer.

Decisions of the Permanent International Commission for the Proof of Small Arms state a maximum pressure of 131 MPa (19,000 psi). In CIP-regulated countries, each gun/cartridge combination must have 130 percent of the maximum CIP pressure before being sold to consumers.

The maximum pressure limit imposed by the Sporting Arms and Ammunition Manufacturers’ Institute (SAAMI) for the .45ACP is 25,000 psi (170 MPa).

What are the Advantages of using the .45 ACP Cartridge?

Despite having many drawbacks, the 45 caliber pistol has certain advantages which can easily outperform its competitors. Some of them are:

  1. Despite the huge caliber, shooting with such a cartridge is quite comfortable, with moderate recoil even in tiny guns.
  2. Even with the relatively high stopping power of a jacketed bullet due to the large mass and size of the bullet, and adequate muzzle energy (500 J) even at its low speed, it outperforms popular cartridges such as 9x18mm PM, 7.62x25mm TT, and 9x19mm Parabellum in this regard.
  3. Being a heavy bullet, it transfers energy better and creates a wide wound channel that cannot be tightened, as happens with small caliber bullets at low speed, causing blood pressure to drop quickly and the wounded person to cease resisting, even if he was not immediately disabled by being hit by a bullet.
  4. Because of a bullet’s subsonic muzzle velocity, it is possible to place a silencer on a weapon with a simple design.

Who Generally uses the .45 Caliber Pistols?

Police, the FBI, and other law enforcement agencies in the United States use .45 caliber pistols. Because the bullets in this cartridge are extremely heavy and have a higher firing efficiency than 9 mm pistols, ordinary citizens mainly utilize it for self-defense. Shooters choose the 9mm Parabellum cartridge over these, for training and recreational shooting due to the low cost of the cartridges themselves.

Apart from regular citizens, army officials also use the .45 ACP. Special forces desire maximum ODP, as well as lower dimensions and weight. However, although the .45 ACP can be used for self-defence, it shouldn’t be! The .40 S&W is a far better choice as it is more compact and light-weight when compared to the .45 ACP.

However, nowadays law enforcement departments use certain modified versions of the .45 ACP. These include the Hydra-Shok, HST, CCI Gold Dot and Remington’s Golden Saber. These tend to perform better than the regular grained .45 ACP!

Where can you find the Best .45 Caliber Pistols?

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